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Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre Inc. (SBRC) is a subsidiary of Williams Industries Inc. (WII).  WII is the parent company for a large group of companies, and its investment in SBRC is consistent with its goals of working towards a more sustainable environment for the country.

The waste stream entering the facility is generally comprised of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste which each make up about 50% of this waste stream by weight.  Municipal Solid Waste comprises of household waste, commercial waste, tree trimmings and yard waste, paper and cardboard and pallets (packaging). C&D Waste comprises of woody construction waste, rubble, and rocks and soil.


The facility comprises of various structures as follows:Wood Chipper

  • Scale-house

  • Transfer Station Building

  • Electrical Substations x 2

  • Workshop

  • Chemical Waste Receiving and Storage Buildings

  • Office Building

  • Public drop-off

  • C&D Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)


All material entering and leaving the facility is weighed at the scale-house. The household and commercial waste is delivered to the Transfer Station Building. In the Transfer Station Building waste is presorted to remove bulky items and green waste. The remaining waste is sent over a rotating drum screen (a trommel) where the garbage bags are torn open and the fine material is screened out. The remaining material is sent over a sorting conveyor where recoverable material such as plastic bottles and metal cans are removed. The remaining waste is sent to transfer trailers and transferred to the land fill. This material makes up the majority of weight that is directed to the landfill.

The green waste and C&D waste is delivered to the C&D Materials Recovery Facility where the wood and green waste is ground to produce mulch and the soil and rubble are screened to produce screened soil. The large items remaining after screening are sent to a quarry landfill.

The recovered recyclable materials include:Mulch Products

  • Plastic

  • Cardboard

  • Paper

  • Scrap Metal

  • Glass

  • Organic/Green waste: including tree clipping, coconut shells from vendors, used pallets, etc.

Secondary processing of these materials is presently undertaken by recyclers.

Additional future recovery of waste and conversion to beneficial products include the collection of glass and the recovery of energy by combustion of the waste.